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Romance requires the time to have experiences that appeal to our imagination, so it will happen naturally for most young friends. It isn't a prerequisite to love but people who understand love can have romance. Romance is colourful and the other person in a romance is full of attraction because of the marvellous achievements, or even because of the way that person looks, and relates to you.

Romance always has a sense of unreality, if only in the awareness that a greater commitment lies beyond. To have romance is be on a stage where the actors are happily playing out their own life without those commitments that can bear upon us. Thus while a kiss born out of affection is often part of romance, because it can only create a deeper love and affection it must inevitably end romance by introducing the reality of love.

Romance is always an interlude or a prelude. Unlike love it must come to an end. For most people there will be a romance from which there is no turning back.

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